Jack w Care


Canada’s confederation was, at least in part, founded on good government. We actually enshrined the concept in our constitution noting that legislative bodies will seek to provide “”peace, order and good government – paix, ordre et bon gouvernement”. The Mayor has said it and I agree… one of our major achievements this term has been providing calm, evidence based… good government. At the most basic level my platform is that I want to be a part of providing good ole Canadian “good government”.

When considering the details of a platform I started thinking about our recent strategy planning session at Ridebooker. In our strat planning we have found it very useful to ask what we should keep doing, stop doing and start doing. I thought it would be interesting to consider my campaign platform from a keep, stop, start perspective.


  1. Finance & Audit Committee. It is ultimately the mayor’s call but I would love to serve on the Finance and Audit Committee again. Regular and proactive work in that committee has meant we’ve been able to accomplish some exciting things for Whistler.
  2. Quarterly Reporting. I look forward to a full term with quarterly reporting informing our decision making.
  3. Reserve Policy. Having just delivered the Reserve Policy we haven’t had a chance to see it in action. I expect that it will have as big an impact on how we do business as quarterly reporting has. I look forward to making evidence based decisions about what we need to save and for what we need to save it.
  4. Lobby the Province Regarding the Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI).  We have delivered record room nights during the summer from a third year of supporting the Festivals, Events and Animation programs. This has resulted in spin offs for all facets of both our retail community and the lodging community, revenues that enable our vast range of condotels and retail businesses to update their offerings and maintain our relevance in a very competitive industry. I will continue to make the case to the province that to remain competitive with Colorado, Utah and Europe… Whistler and British Columbia need to keep investing in tourism via the RMI. I will also continue to push the concept of tying the program back to tax. We haven’t gained traction with the province yet but I think the concept is good.
  5. Tourism Density in Developed Areas. All of our planning documents and community consultation have stressed the importance of maintaining the village and Creekside as the major focus of our retail, f&b and tourist accommodation. For better or for worse that community decision has kept us pulling in the same direction and been a part of our success.
  6. Growing Organizational Efficiency. We are about to receive a report on our customer service strategy. I look forward seeing the implementation of recommendations to improve of our service levels. I intend to stay in touch with the community groups effected to understand the on the ground impacts of our strategy. Like so much of what we did this term policy tweaks as new initiatives are rolled out will be critical to success. I love the Whistler Chamber of Commerce mission to “make business easy”. I want to continually help our team in an effort to join them in accomplishing their vision


  1. Accepting barriers to progress in transit. We need a progressive digital tool for our transit system. I am still working on it and hope to see the results in the near future.
  2. Depending on RMI. The world is about to shift as far as the amount of funding we get from other levels of government. We will develop a plan that addresses an upcoming shortfall.


  1. Digital Strategy. Whistler is well positioned to grow a tech/education sector. We are globally recognized, we have a significant amount of underutilized infrastructure and we have a surplus of well qualified people. When you combine those assets with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs regularly here for events like TEDActive, Grow Conference, Acetech there is a opportunity of which we should take full advantage. If elected I will ask the mayor to strike a task force to investigate the opportunities to grow tech/education in Whistler. A digital strategy can pay off for us.
  2. Review Whistler2020. We have invested a huge amount of community time and money into Whistler2020. As we quickly approach 2020 I think it is time we spent some time considering where we are.
  3. Get to Know our First Nations Neighbours. There is obviously water under the bridge with the OCP and the subsequent litigation. That said we do have a history of successes working together. I am committed to listening.
  4. Creative Rezoning. We need to pursue reinvestment in our resort. We have taken some big steps in that direction by hiring an Economic Development Officer and developing a suite of tools to be used to drive village reinvestment in tourism infrastructure.  I think out of the box thinking is even more important north and south of the village. If we have the opportunity to support the development of a long-term care facility, tech park or a destination health care facility I will push for us to consider those rezonings seriously. It is upon the next council to keep their eye on the reinvestment ball and make sure it happens.